• Newsletters–Maintain contact with existing customers. Promote customer loyalty.
  • Blog posts–Attract new customers and communicate with past customers.
  • Emails–Proactive marketing to both old and new customers.
  • Ghostwriting–Articles under your name.
  • Email autoresponder series–A series of emails to be sent at specified intervals to increase marketing responses.
  • Website marketing–Develop a marketing strategy and plan.
  • Landing pages–Individual product marketing. Introduce new products. Increase sales of any product.
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Social media set up and maintenance
  • Video marketing script
  • Sales letters–Long or short form marketing letters.
  • Website creation–Working with your designer to put together everything you need to establish an online presence.
  • Website audit–An analysis of your existing website, with recommended changes that will bring more traffic to your site. Recommend articles and other information that will help you communicate better with your clients or customers.

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