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Jim is a dedicated family man who has been married to the same girl for over 52 years. He has taught his eight children well. On one occasion, when forced to move across country by a business transfer, he spent hours each evening preparing the children for the change. After attending a seminar on success by The Pacific Institute, he and his wife Georgia taught the children the principles they had learned. After the move, the children quickly became leaders in their new community. They have gone on using those principles to achieve success in life. Eight children now have a combined total of 12 college degrees. All of those degrees have been self-financed with work and scholarships. Dad only needed to provide housing as they started in school. Six have served as missionaries.

One grandchild who was living with Jim had difficulties in first grade with reading. He dedicated himself to helping her. He read aloud to her every evening. Not small children’s books, that would be too boring. He read all the Harry Potter books. All the Roald Dahl books. All the Narnia books. All the Anne of Green Gables books. All the Little House on the Prairie books. All the Inkheart series. All the Fablehaven books. The results were better than he imagined. She went to the top of the class in more than just reading. Graduated from high school with honors. Scored a 31 on the ACT (97th percentile). Received a full ride four-year scholarship to Weber State University.

Jim worked for Fisher Scientific Company for five years when they were expanding across the western United States. His motto of “At Least Once a Month in Every Account” led to very good success. He opened a territory across northern Utah and southwestern Idaho. Within a year his efforts had resulted in the removal of his two major competitors from the territory. Continued re-evaluation of where the company needed representation moved him to opening another new territory in northern California and southern Oregon. He achieved the same result in that territory, gaining over half of all the business. Fisher has since gone on to eliminate their field sales reps in favor of modern technology, telephone, and catalogs to reach all their customers.

Jim is a freelance copywriter, specializing in the chemical supplier industry.

If you need someone who speaks your language. Jim is fluent in several:

  • He speaks chemical
  • He speaks science
  • He speaks medical and laboratory device
  • He speaks airplane
  • He speaks do-it-yourself and construction
  • He speaks web writing

He put himself through the University of Utah as a lifeguard, swimming instructor, and coach. He earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology and entomology.

Jim loves airplanes. From earning the Aviation Merit Badge while a Boy Scout, through Air Force ROTC in college, and 22 years as an aircraft maintenance officer in the United States Air Force, Utah Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserves. He achieved the rank of Major. He was twice awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal along with several other awards.

Jim loves to write. He has written many true stories about experiences in the Air Force. He has written several newspaper articles. He was a ghostwriter for the base commander and other senior officers as they produced weekly editorials for the base newspaper. He published his own newsletter for his Fisher Scientific customers. He writes stories for his grandchildren to help them understand life lessons.

Jim has owned his own companies for many years and learned the joy of dealing with employees and the government as well as customers. He is a problem solver and became known as “The Fix-It Man” while in the residential remodeling and repair business.

Jim is a family man. He and his “Wonder Woman” Georgia have eight children, 23 grandchildren, and 4+ great-grandchildren. They spend as much time as possible with this amazing group. They welcome many of them into their home the first Sunday of every month for a wonderful meal and much socializing. They also have a spiritual lesson that day for all who are there.

Georgia and Jim read scriptures together every evening, as well as other good literature.

He walks and swims for exercise. He also tries to eat well and take prescribed meds and some healthful supplements.

Sundays are His main spiritual feast. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Contact Jim:  Text to 385-227-0138, or email to [email protected]

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